28 Days to a Keto Lifestyle Ebook


This eBook is a simple guide to help you start a ketogenic lifestyle. In this book, we cover:

  • What ketosis is
  • The difference between a sugar-burner and a fat-burner & how to determine which type of metabolizer you are
  • The difference between a DIET and a LIFESTYLE
  • The benefits of a ketogenic diet (that you can start experiencing NOW)
  • My TOP tips for beginning a ketogenic lifestyle
  • Nutritional guidelines for starting a ketogenic lifestyle TODAY and feel amazing
  • How to make the ketogenic diet a lifestyle for YOU
  • A 28 day FULL program to starting your keto lifestyle

This eBook provides you with…

  • Understanding and implementation of a ketogenic lifestyle
  • Food journaling tools to help you get in tune with your body
  • 28 days of delicious high fat, low carb meals
  • Complete grocery lists for each week
  • A structured meal planner for easy implementation of the keto diet
  • How to implement a keto lifestyle WITHOUT obsessing over calories, macros, etc.