One on One Coaching

Your entrepreneurial journey not exactly looking the way you thought it would?

Let me guess... you're spending all of your time behind your laptop, hustling away, but not really getting anywhere?

You know your purpose and you're crazy passionate about it... but things aren't quite happening like you thought they would. You're feeling blocked, depleted, and anxious... it's starting to negatively impact your relationships, personal health, and you desperately know that SOMETHING has to change.

I know exactly how you feel. I was running a successful fitness coaching business, building up an amazing tribe and was living out my dream. I was on FIRE with my purpose. I was changing people's lives!! But slowly, I started feeling less and less creative and inspired. I started questioning myself and anxiety and overwhelm completely took over. I was asking myself questions like, "Why is it getting so hard to show up for my clients? Am I really supposed to be doing this? Why am I struggling so much with something I'm so passionate about?!"

My own health started to decline. My relationships were suffering.

I had hit MAJOR burn out.

Needless to say, not only was I personally struggling, but my business was directly reflecting the decline I was experiencing.

I decided I had to start making some massive shifts if I wanted to continue to build my business and thrive in my own life. My clients deserved my best. My relationships deserved my best. I needed to heal, reclaim, rescript, and restructure.

I now know it's possible to run a beautiful, abundant business without sacrificing your LIFE.

Now I am OBSESSED with helping women just like you do the exact same thing. I help online female coaches level up their business and attract an abundance of clients by stepping out of hustle mode and into flow. I combine strategy and soul-work to help you reclaim your life and show up strong in your god-given purpose.

If you are serious about taking your business to the next level WITHOUT suffering from hustle syndrome, I'm here to help you.

What does my coaching include?

- 3 intensive strategy & soul-work coaching calls per month (via Zoom)

- Lifestyle recommendations to improve overall health and well-being

- Weekly homework to further enhance growth and progress (based on discussions in the call)

- Access to the 6-week Breaking Barriers course