Breaking Barriers 6 Week Course

Break through the bullshit holding you back from a life that lights you up.

Are you craving something more for your life than your current norm?

Laying awake at night asking "Is this really it?"

Maybe you feel an underlying sense of unfulfillment... a persistent anxiety that's following you around on a daily basis. Yet, you have no idea what this means, what to do about it, or how to move past the fear that's keeping a tight hold on your life.

It hurts me to know that so many other women are spending their days just going through the motions, feeling a lack of fulfillment, and settling for a life that doesn't light them up.

This feeling is all too familiar to me. I kept trying to just push it down, push it to the side, and just be grateful for the life that I had. But I knew deep down that something was missing... I found myself just trying to get through the days, lacking fulfillment and passion, and my anxiety was constantly following me around and running the show, making me feel like I didn't know what the heck I was doing or even wanted anymore. I'm here to tell you that you DON'T have to keep settling...

I knew there was more for me, and there is more for you as well.

I had to start digging deep and discovering what it was that was standing in my way to move into the life I was craving. What I uncovered was that I was stopping MYSELF; I had huge barriers that were holding me back from moving forward. I was living by other's expectations and rules, making it impossible to stand in my own power and feel passionate, motivated, and fulfilled.

By doing the inner work and learning how to look inside myself for everything I needed, I was able to completely rewrite the rules of my life and start living a life of true fulfillment and happiness.
I know that you stumbled upon this page for a reason... that you're craving more for your life and are ready to let go of the bullshit standing in your way.

Get ready to reclaim your power and step into a life that totally lights you up.

I took ALL of the work that has gotten me from my lowest of lows to living a life that lights me up and bundled it into a 6 week intensive course so that you can do the exact same thing.
  • Getting super clear about where you are RIGHT now, why you feel unfulfilled, and what that means
  • Uncovering your deepest desires and dreams
  • Learning about alignment and how to show up as your true self
  • Breaking through your nasty gremlins and barriers that are stopping you from achieving what you truly desire
  • Mastering your thoughts to change your results
  • Stripping back your limiting beliefs to step into empowerment and confidence
  • Permission to play and understanding the importance of self-care
  • Learning how to handle anxiety so it doesn’t take over your life
  • Making your intuition and inner-guidance your BFF so you can lead a life of alignment
  • Taking massive action towards your goals and dreams
  • Initial 30 minute strategy call to set your intentions for the course
  • 6 modules of in-depth mindset work to help you break through the bullshit, discover what you’re actually craving in life, and guidance on how to start taking massive action towards your goals
  • 15 audio lessons to guide you through the coursework
  • 6 Growth Guide workbooks for each module to dive deep into your journey
  • Multiple mindset, meditation, and visualization exercises
  • Daily goal setting and gratitude journals
  • BONUS: 4 additional Growth Guide workbooks to help you dive even deeper into your journey!
  • OPTIONAL: 3 intensive one-on-one coaching calls with Alaina on your 6-week journey
Thrive with additional accountability and guidance?

I believe that digging even deeper into the course material and having additional support is the best way to get the absolute most out of this course. Let me coach you through the process!

What's included in this option?

  • 3 intensive coaching calls (via Zoom) throughout the 6 weeks of your course
  • Additional health, wellness, and personal growth recommendations and resources (more than a $2500 value!!)
  • Email support